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General EarPops™ Questions

Q: I'm buying EarPops™ as a gift. How do I know what size to order without measuring?

A: If you're not sure, buy a medium for a woman and large for a man. If they don't fit, you can return them within 30 days for an exchange or refund. For children, buy a small.

Q: I measured my ear and it's on the border between a medium and a large. What size should I buy?

A: If you're between sizes, go up in size. It's better to wear one which is slightly too large than one which is too tight.

Q: Will I be able to hear with them on?

A: Yes, your hearing is not affected. In fact, you can carry on normal conversations or even talk on the phone without removing your bandless ear muffs.

Q: Are EarPops™ comfortable?

A: Most people think so. They are not elastic, so there is no constant pressure on your ear.

Q: Are they warm?

A: EarPops are made of microfiber fleece, the same material used in fleece parkas, jackets and vests. They provide excellent insulation from the cold.

Q: Can I wash them?

A: All of our fleece products are machine washable.

We recommend washing them on the medium heat setting and drying on low. Bleach is not recommended.

Q: Do they stay on?

A: Yes. Many people wear them while skiing. They actually fit completely over your ear, forming a pocket. They then "pop" shut (hence, the name). It takes some trying to get them to fall off.

Q: Are EarPops™ easy to put on?

A: They come with a handy diagram.

Make sure you press them onto your ears by pushing the rim using only your fingertips, not your palm.

Allow yourself a couple minutes the first time, to make sure they are securely on. After that, it's a breeze, like riding a bicycle.

1. Holding the ends of the EarPops™ with the slotted side (inside) up, bend the EarPop™ downward until it pops open—turning it inside-out.

2. Lightly push out the outer material by pushing your fingers through the ear slot.

3. With the back of the EarPop™ pointing behind you, slip the slot over the top and back of your ear until the top and back of your ear are inside the EarPop™.
Note: Your ear lobe does not have to fit into the slot.

4. Push the EarPop™ onto your ear by pressing your fingertips against the rim of the EarPop and pushing it to the side of your head until it pops into place.