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It seems wherever we go, people are saying nice things about us and our EarPops™ bandless ear muffs.

Here are just a few quotes from the media and our customers.

The Media

Our patented EarPops™ bandless ear muffs have been featured on:

  • NBC's "The Today Show" (3 times!)
  • Named "Best Value" by The Wall Street Journal
  • Seen at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)




What Our Customers Say

Here's what just a few of our customers have said about EarPops™—the original, bandless ear muffs:


“I've tried headbands, scarves, hoods, hats, banded earmuffs and even earmuffs fitted around the back of the head. The headbands slipped off, the scarves wouldn't stay around the ears, the hoods and hats didn't warm my ears enough, and earmuffs were uncomfortable. When I needed to come up with comfortable ear protectors for a 5K walk, I went online and posed this question: "Where can I ...”
Becky Matthews, The Courier-Journal|Louisville, KY

“As for me, I don't have to wear a coat and tie, so I have pretty much been wearing what I wear throughout the winter: wool trousers, a nice sport shirt, and, when going outside, a heavy zip-up cardigan with a high collar, a wool bomber jacket, a fedora, ear pops (if you don't know what those are--and most people don't--look here), and lined leather gloves.”
Miles R., The Art of Manliness

“I love my new Ear Pops! How wonderful to have ear covers with no band under my bike helmet! I cannot get cold air in my ears because of a nerve problem and they worked perfectly! I bought the regular fleece ones (not the fur ones) and they kept my ears warm and no wind got in. They are easy to put problem and stay on well! I was also pleased with the efficient delivery.”

“I have ordered Ear Pops before as they are great for golf and my other outdoor activities as my ears stay warm yet I can still hear everything around me. This particular order I really appreciated as it was for a gift and my order was processed so quickly I was easily able to get it to my friend on her birthday. Thank you so much. Love the products.”

“Long story short — A coworker introduced me to ear pops. I bought 2 pairs, unsure if they would provide the warmth needed riding a bike to work (4 Miles) all winter. Well, tomorrow is the Vernal Equinox, so I can now say they worked wonderfully all the way through a Montana winter on a bicycle.

You've earned my loyalty. Thanks for the great product.

Oh yeah, thanks Russell :)”
Missoula, MT

“Several years ago… a woman came into our Bakery wearing ear pops… She had one pair she was taking to a family member. Can't quite remember if she sold me that pair or i talked her into selling me the one she was wearing. But i got it and LOVED them. Wore them for 5 years… So glad i finally got smart and looked for the originals. My kids and grandkids are gonna be so happy when i order some for them.”
Dowagiac, Michigan

“These are the coolest! I am so excited! A friend just sent me the website and now all of my coworkers are excited about them too! :)”
Austin, Texas

“Just looked up 'ear muffs' and hit search!!! Been looking for these for a long time.”
Springfield, Missouri

“I received a pair of EarPops™ for Christmas. They are the best invention ever! I'm ordering several for friends and am placing orders on behalf of my office colleagues.”
Louisville, Kentucky

“I heard about earpops in a story on "Talk Of The Nation" on National Public Radio, which featured the procedure of bringing a new invention or product to the market. Earpops were cited as an ongoing success story that came from one woman's good idea.”
Lowell, Massachusetts

“I saw a friend wearing EarPops™ and really liked them.”
Amarillo, Texas

“Love your earpops, but mine are wearing out—I broke the spines. So I need more after 3 years of wear. Thanks. Even wear them to avoid earaches when boating in the summer.”
Muskego, Wisconsin

“My sister-in-law and brother have pairs of your EarPops™ and I thought they were great and wanted a set too.”
Spokane, Washington

Now that you've heard what others have said, why not try a pair of EarPops™ bandless ear muffs and experience their warmth and comfort yourself.

Also, try our Spockets, scarves or berets and stay warm and toasty this winter.

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