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General EarPops™ Questions

I'm buying EarPops™ as a gift. How do I know what size to order without measuring?

If you're not sure, buy a medium for a woman and large for a man. If they don't fit, you can return them within 30 days for an exchange or refund. For children, buy a small.

I measured my ear and it's on the border between a medium and a large. What size should I buy?

If you're between sizes, go up in size. It's better to wear one which is slightly too large than one which is too tight.

Will I be able to hear with them on?

Yes, your hearing is not affected. In fact, you can carry on normal conversations or even talk on the phone without removing your bandless ear muffs.

Are EarPops™ comfortable?

Most people think so. They are not elastic, so there is no constant pressure on your ear.

Are they warm?

EarPops are made of microfiber fleece, the same material used in fleece parkas, jackets and vests. They provide excellent insulation from the cold.

Can I wash them?

All of our fleece products are machine washable.

We recommend washing them on the medium heat setting and drying on low. Bleach is not recommended.

Do they stay on?

Yes. Many people wear them while skiing. They actually fit completely over your ear, forming a pocket. They then "pop" shut (hence, the name). It takes some trying to get them to fall off.

Are EarPops™ easy to put on?

They come with a handy diagram.

Make sure you press them onto your ears by pushing the rim using only your fingertips, not your palm.

Allow yourself a couple minutes the first time, to make sure they are securely on. After that, it's a breeze, like riding a bicycle.

Easy, 4-step guide to putting on EarPops™ bandless ear muffs

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