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Can't Wear A Hat? Stay Warm With A Ear Cozy!

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Can't Wear A Hat? Stay Warm With A Ear Cozy!

Watching the local news channel's meteorologist on television in the morning as he describes what the day's weather will be can help you decide what winter clothing you might want to wear. But sometimes the weather is unpredictable in the winter; the weather will bring cold snow showers to gusty winds, blizzard conditions to rain and sleet. It's never a pleasant experience and you always end up having to try to guess which type of weather you will have to dress for.

When it's a day for work, outside or in, dressing warm can be a choir. Women and men alike don't want to wear a hat to ruin their hair before a big meeting at work or for a new job interview. If you are working outside, perhaps you can't wear a hat and need winter protection for around the ears and back of the neck but don't have anything that can fit that criteria.

Ear Cozy Headbands Keep The Heat In

When your head is uncovered, your body loses tons of heat, something that you can’t afford during the winter. Covering up your ears, forehead, and neck, our ear cozy headbands will keep you warm even during the coldest days. An Ear Cozy is made of gentle microfiber fleece, and it’s soft enough to be worn all day long, even you’re taking part in strenuous activities.

The Ear Cozy fleece headbands are available in 19 colors and styles—including camouflage, leopard print and more. The same19 standard colors are available in all of our products, so finding a perfect match is simple.

Can't Wear A Hat? Stay Warm With A Ear Cozy!

Versatile and durable, this is one headband that’s going to become a regular part of your wardrobe. Pair it the Nose Cozy, and you have all parts of your body covered and protected from the cold.

Ear Pops has the latest in headgear for any situation or person who needs winter protection in their life. For more information, contact Ear Pops today!

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