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5 Keys to Better Health: Motivate Your Family and Yourself

In our final part of our  5 Keys to Better Health series, let’s look at how keeping yourself and your family motivated can help you follow through on your goal of improving your health and stay healthy. We’ve looked at some basic ways we can improve our health. But staying motivated and making these changes can still [...]

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5 Keys to Better Health: Protect Your Health

In part 4 of our 5 Keys to Better Health series, let’s look at how doing 4 things to protect your health can help you stay healthy longer. There’s no 100% effective way to avoid all sickness or diseases, but you can minimize your risk with a few good habits and some common sense.Wash Your Hands Regularly Number [...]

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5 Keys to Better Health: Keep Moving

In part 3 of our  5 Keys to Better Health series, let’s look at how keeping on the move can greatly improve your health. Diet and careful eating alone will not be as effective in your overall health if you’re not adding in physical exercise as well.Keep Active Every Day A lot of times we think of exercise [...]

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5 Keys to Better Health: Care For Your Body’s Basic Needs

In part 2 of our 5 Keys to Better Health series, let’s look at how caring for your body’s basic needs can have a big impact on your health. Taking just a few basic steps to care for yourself can make a huge difference in your overall health. Get enough sleep Take care of your mouth Visit the doctorGet [...]

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Spring 2014 Scarf Sale

Happy Spring!After an especially long Winter, Spring is officially here. Birds are chirping and the sun is shining (mostly). Spring is always much nicer, but it's still pretty breezy in most parts.We're celebrating the start of Spring by offering a free scarf when you order 4 pair of EarPops or more in March or April.Just add [...]

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5 Keys to Better Health: Eat Wisely

There are tons of articles written about improving your health. So why write another? Many people (and articles) focus on losing weight. So people may focus on eating less food or exercising so that they look good. But losing weight is not the same as being healthy. Sure, it’s a great start, but more is involved [...]

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10 Hot Winter Drink Recipes

I don’t think you need me to tell you that it’s still cold even in February this year. If you’re like me, you’re already getting sick of being cooped up inside. I’ve noticed I’ve done a lot more cooking and baking this Winter than normal. To get out of the rut of making things that could wreck [...]

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January Promo: Free Scarf When You Order 4 EarPops

I looked at the weather yesterday, and it's going to be cold. I mean COLD next week. Monday and Tuesday it'll get into the negative digits. So we're giving away a free scarf this January when you order 4 pair of EarPops bandless ear muffs. It's our way of making extra sure you're cozy this Winter [...]

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Tasty Winter Soup Recipes

Baby it's cold outside... It sure is! Definitely blanket, pajamas and hot cocoa (or tea) weather. It's also time for soups and I wanted to share some tasty Winter soup recipes I've found to stave off the cold. Perfect Potato Soup The Pioneer Woman has a great potato soup recipes that only takes about 30 minutes to make. [...]

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December Fleece Scarf Giveaway

Fall and Winter are upon us and, like it or not, it's time to get bundled up if you're going outside. December Promo Our scarves normally sell for $8.99. But, during December, when you order $50 or more from us, we'll throw in a fleece scarf with your order -- free of charge. You don't have to anything special to [...]

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