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EarPops™ Bandless Ear Muffs

Ear muffs without the annoying band.

EarPops™ bandless ear muffs are the original bandless winter ear muffs.

EarPops™ slip comfortably over your ears and stay comfortably in place; keeping the wind and cold out, and your ears warm.

These bandless ear muffs go anywhere—they'll fit in a pocket or purse when you're not wearing them.

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Who Wear Bandless Ear Muffs?

Keeping your ears warm in the winter can be a challenge. Ear muffs, headbands, and hats can be bulky and unattractive, as well as uncomfortable and easy to lose. With Bandless Ear Muffs for Men and Women by EarPops, you can have it all: comfortable, attractive, and portable warmers for your ears that are appropriate for any activity.

In fact, EarPops™ are so compact that hats and most helmets will fit right over them. That's why EarPops™ are great for:

  • Walking and Hiking
  • Skiing and Snowboarding
  • Camping and Fishing
  • Biking and Cycling
  • Boating
  • Those who suffer from ear aches
  • Any outdoor activity

EarPops slip comfortably over your ears and stay comfortably in place; keeping the wind and cold out, and your ears warm! They are compact and fit into a pocket or bag when you are not using them, so you will never have to worry about losing them when you are out and about. They also make wonderful holiday gifts for a friend or for yourself!

EarPops are a great purchase for athletes. They fit comfortably under helmets and are great for any outdoor activity. Keep your ears warm and toasty while you have fun in the snow!

Purchase online today or contact EarPops about carrying wholesale EarPops Bandless Ear Muffs in your store.

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“I've tried headbands, scarves, hoods, hats, banded earmuffs and even earmuffs fitted around the back of the head. The headbands slipped off, the scarves wouldn't stay around the ears, the hoods and hats didn't warm my ears enough, and earmuffs were uncomfortable. When I needed to come up with comfortable ear protectors for a 5K walk, I went online and posed this question: "Where can I ...”
Becky Matthews, The Courier-Journal|Louisville, KY

People Love EarPops™

“As for me, I don't have to wear a coat and tie, so I have pretty much been wearing what I wear throughout the winter: wool trousers, a nice sport shirt, and, when going outside, a heavy zip-up cardigan with a high collar, a wool bomber jacket, a fedora, ear pops (if you don't know what those are--and most people don't--look here), and lined leather gloves.”
Miles R., The Art of Manliness

“I love my new Ear Pops! How wonderful to have ear covers with no band under my bike helmet! I cannot get cold air in my ears because of a nerve problem and they worked perfectly! … I was also pleased with the efficient delivery.”

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