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EarPops™ Bandless Ear Muffs

Ear muffs without the annoying band.

EarPops™ bandless ear muffs are the original bandless ear muffs.

EarPops™ slip comfortably over your ears; keeping the wind and cold out, and your ears warm.

These bandless ear muffs go anywhere—they'll fit in a purse or pocket when you're not wearing them.

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EarPops bandless ear muffs (in red)
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Who Wear EarPops™?

EarPops™ bandless ear muffs help keep your ears toasty without getting in your way.

In fact, EarPops™ are so compact that hats and most helmets will fit right over them. That's why EarPops™ are great for:

  • Skiing or Snowboarding
  • Hiking, Camping and Fishing
  • Biking or Cycling
  • Boating
  • Any outdoor activity

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Our Customers Love EarPops™

“Thank you so much for the quick shipment of my EarPops! The weather in Chicago will be changing again and I started wearing them yesterday when they arrived...perfect timing too! Thank you for going the extra mile with my order. YOU ROCK!”
Vito Cifaldi
Chicago, Illinois

“Love your products! I wear them everywhere, including at conferences & when I'm on panels. (I get cold VERY easily)”
Gini Koch

“These are the coolest! I am so excited! A friend just sent me the website and now all of my coworkers are excited about them too! :)”
Austin, Texas

“I received a pair of EarPops™ for Christmas. They are the best invention ever! I'm ordering several for friends and am placing orders on behalf of my office colleagues.”
Louisville, KY

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